Engineering Services Portfolio

Some of the main services provided by LWD are:

Hydrology and Hydraulic Studies

  • Hydrological models. Floods studies and evaluation of water resources.
  • Hydraulic models (one-dimensional and two-dimensional, steady and unsteady state)
  • Evolution model of the snow cover (Rain-Snow model).
  • River hydraulics and river restoration.
  • Flood studies and cartography of flood areas. Flood risk analysis. Flood


Risk Management Plans.

  • Development and implementation of hydrometeorological forecasting systems, forecast of flows and levels in rivers.
  • Flood Early warning systems. Decision Support Systems.
  • Design of hydrometeorological monitoring networks. Automatic Hydrological Information Systems.
  • Design of streamflow measurement stations. Training and advice for the realization of streamflow measurement campaigns, calculation of flow rate curves and streamflow measurement works.
  • Advice and design of Hydrological Data Management systems.

Meteorology Services

  • Advice on meteorological models and products.
  • Integration of meteorological models in operational systems of hydrometeorological forecasts.
  • Quantitative estimation of rainfall by Meteorological Radar.
  • Design of meteorological monitoring networks.
  • Advice and design of Early Warning Systems for adverse weather phenomena.

Dam Safety and Dam Operation Studies

  • Floods and hydrological safety studies.
  • Verification and hydraulic design of spillways and outlet works.
  • Advising and design of dam monitoring sytems.
  • Reports of behavior and monitoring of dams. Development of statistical models of dam behavior. Definition of safety thresholds for monitoring variables.
  • Dam inspection visits.
  • Preparation of Dam Safety Review Reports.
  • Elaboration of dam documents and reports, design and review of the Technical Archive of dams.
  • Elaboration of Dam Operation and Maintenance rules.
  • Elaboration of Dam Emergency Action Plans.
  • Elaboration of Emergency Plan Implementation Projects.